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Zanzibar Conferences

We offer best-in-class services to create and organize meetings and events while helping companies control and optimize related expenditures. We will appraise venues and make recommendations based on the requirements of the conference, in order to locate the best venue for your conference. We will prepare conference budgets and know all those small items that must be included so you have a profitable conference. Our meeting specialists have vast experience planning and successfully executing programs that respond to the needs of organizers and participants alike, meeting our clients’ needs and exceeding expectations. When it comes to managing your meetings and events we are able to draw on a large pool of resources and deal with all the complex logistics involved from the Venue, Transport and Accommodation.

School/ Student Group Trips

This may not be the most common practice for most operators, but being the young generation we believe that family and friends both have a special place in our lives. Hence we decide to come up with this special category, for students it can either be school students or college students we make sure that we provide you with special group packages which will be both educational and recreational for them to get to spend time beyond the closed doors of classes and make the unforgettable memories together. We recognize the need for those who are looking at enriching their knowledge in the form of study and educational tours , hence this is dedicated for residents too, are you a teacher / facilitator and feel like you need to enlighten your students and change the environment by making them learn in a more practical way? Then we are the answer.

Yatch Cruises

Here where luxury meets our curious travelers, we won’t only be sailing in these amazing yatch. Having variety of options we will be hand in hand with you as you pick the top priority and help you get into the water and sail for relaxation. Do you want to host a party on board? Or take your girl out an exquisite surprise proposal? Or just a romantic dinner / whole day out their exploring the blue waters of the Indian Ocean? We are here….. again we want you to experience every aspect of Zanzibar beyond your expectations.


You have no better place to be for you to be than Tanzania. Blessed with the most iconic beaches Zanzibar is where you should be to create breathtaking moments and memories with your partner. The Safaris are also available special for the couples just tell us what you want and remember that it is possible to mix match and get both experiences (Island vibes and Safari trips). We have ready-made honeymoon series packages which are customized special for the newlyweds.

Corporate Trips

We just love the dedication that most corporate workers have, and do not let anyone tell you otherwise, you all definitely deserve a break your bodies need to rejuvenate and charge up for the next working season. We plan the tour in an alluring way to double the adventure and fun of the traveler at affordable prices. We can make your dream of the most exciting and memorable vacation come true. Does your company provide you with paid vacations? Then it’s even way better that you do not get to use your savings. If you do not fall in the above category we still got your back and will provide you with the most reasonable package. So don’t hesitate to contact us and let us plan a trip for you and your colleagues.


We organize and arrange transfers from airports, ports and stations around Zanzibar. Whatever your budget and whatever the occasion, we will provide excellent value and service. We offer shared shuttles, private taxis, buses and VIP executive transfers. For our package clients, just lay back and relax because we will be there for you during your entire trip to make sure that we provide you with utmost comfortable vehicle. And if you are our day trip client, please try your best to confirm your pick up early and you have no reason not to locomote with us since we make sure that your comfort and safety is our priority. Give us a call or send us a mail for bookings. Avoid last minute bookings for smooth engagement.

Dhow Cruises

We have quite a variety when it comes to dhow cruises, depending on how you want it to be i.e. Do you to cruise for some few hours to view the most fascinating sunset as you sip on your drinks or full day of dhow cruise with multiple activities included such as snorkeling or just cruise for lunch/ dinner with your partner or family. Your enjoyment is our priority and we are keeping it traditional!!

Zanzibar Weddings

Zanzibar for many years has been the most chosen destination for beach weddings. And we are here to make your dream come true. We will tell you what makes us stand out from the crowd. We listen. Comprehend and make sure come back with something beyond your expectations. So let us take the wheel and make that one special day unforgettable.

Family Trips

Do you have and you have been wondering how your perfect vacation will turn out? Do not worry we are here to provide you with the best family deals which will for sure entertain each and every person who will be in the trip. We have ideas that have been brought to reality that will keep from tots to teens happy. We are here to make sure that you avoid the speedbumps and you enjoy your Trip.

Event Planning

Do you have a birthday, baby shower, bridal shower or just a family gathering and you want to do it or celebrate in a different way? Then we have an answer for you. Get rid of the usual ways of doing things, come to us and we are going to make it trustworthy. We work with the most experienced and talented team which is always ready to make sure you are happy.

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